Bauhaus institution in post world war i germany

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Bauhaus 2019: Celebrating a century of German artistic innovation

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The War killed some two million Germans, and left Germany’s economy -- then the world’s second largest -- in shambles.

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The conflict had begun in with substantial working-class support, on all sides. Open access books () We have partnered with leading presses on a project to add open access ebooks to JSTOR. Thousands of titles are now available from publishers such as University of California Press, Cornell University Press, NYU Press, and University of.

Post World War I Germany set the stage for the most organized art movement in art history. The Bauhaus movement was a reaction to the social changes the Germans were facing. The country had been crushed in the war. Their economy was collapsing. Mobs of. The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc. During the period of its existence, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics was by area the world’s largest country.

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Bauhaus institution in post world war i germany
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