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Breast Imaging Essentials courses from the ASRT! Breast Imaging Essentials is a new module online course series from the ASRT. These easy-to-follow, illustrative and interactive online courses are designed for existing mammographers and those who are studying for the mammography exam.

Tomosynthesis & Synthesized 2-D Imaging Part Two: The Evolution of Mammography ( CME) Elizabeth A. Rafferty, MD discloses that she has been the recipient of a research grants for the investigation of breast Tomosynthesis from Hologic within the last year.

Tomosynthesis & Synthesized 2-D Imaging Part Two. Fundamentals of Breast Tomosynthesis Welcome to the registration page for upcoming breast tomosynthesis live webinars with hands-on training for the radiologist.

The live webinars meet the FDA requirements of 8 hours of tomosynthesis training as a new modality for radiologists. Fundamentals of Breast Tomosynthesis Welcome to the registration page for upcoming breast tomosynthesis live webinars with hands-on training for the radiologist.

The live webinars meet the FDA requirements of 8 hours of tomosynthesis training as a new modality for radiologists. Free online CME & CE programs for physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants & other health care professionals from myCME.

This CME activity seeks to fulfill the educational needs of radiologists and technologists who manage patients with possible breast cancer undergoing Breast Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) or.

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