Eye witness of road accident

Masvingo road accident claims 30

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What is the Value of Witness Statements After a Car Accident?

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His body was painted to fail him, and he would have done to become an interesting dependent on others. Corpus Christi (KIII NEWS) — According to DPS, year-old Ryen Aleman died in a single-vehicle accident on Sunday around a.m.

Officers said Aleman was traveling westbound on Highway 44 when he lost control of his car before the Violet road exit. According to an eye-witness, the accident is so bad that the body of one of the victims got stuck on top of a nearby tree.

Charm Girl was not in the car with them. She was using a different car and they were driving just ahead of them. About 30 passengers traveling to South Africa in a Proliner bus died after their bus was involved in an accident with a haulage truck at Nyamatikiti River along Masvingo road.

Online Reporter According to eye witness accounts, the bus caught fire when it sideswiped with the truck, tragically burning the victims while a number managed to escape. Three people died on Sunday at Kamureito along Kaplong–Bomet road highway after the vehicle they were traveling in was involved in a road accident.

Seven others escaped with serious injuries. The Accident happened in a sharp curve on the Tarkwa Bogos road at a place called Afamasi Akotom.

Two die in road accident in Central

Speaking to redoakpta.com, an eye witness who only gave his Name as Kwoffie, said the corolla driver which police has given his name as Theophilous Otoo was overtaken four vehicles at a go, in that curve when he collided with the other driver.

In many car accident scenarios, the only witnesses are the drivers of each vehicle. In those situations it is usually the word of one driver against the other.

Of course, if each driver believes the other to be at fault, the testimony of those drivers often doesn't do much to help determine the true cause of the accident.

Eye witness of road accident
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