Gay rights in india

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The Guardian view on gay rights: India backs freedom – others should follow

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Homosexuality in India

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Campaigners celebrate as India decriminalises homosexuality

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Apr 28,  · For being gay is hard while living in India.

Renewed hope for gay rights in India

It’s the society who repeatedly saying that it’s against our culture. But they never try to look in to our history that lord Krishna’s son was a Trans person and married to a guy. In a historic victory for civil rights in the world’s largest democracy, a five-judge panel in India voted unanimously to overturn a colonial-era statute banning same-sex intercourse.

Activists from India’s LGBT community in Kolkata celebrate their country’s ruling that gay sex is no longer a criminal offence. Photograph: Piyal. Jul 25,  · A participant walks under a rainbow flag during a gay pride parade promoting lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights, in Chandigarh, India, in March.

Sep 06,  · A gay rights activist waits outside the Supreme Court where a judgement on Section of the Indian Penal Code, that criminalizes homosexuality, is to be delivered in New Delhi, India, Sept. 6, Sep 06,  · A gay rights activist waits outside the Supreme Court where a judgement on Section of the Indian Penal Code, that criminalizes homosexuality, is to be delivered in .

Gay rights in india
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