Halo vest

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halo vest Etymology: Gk, halos, circular floor; AS, kasta an orthopedic device used to help immobilize the neck and head, providing traction to the cervical spine.

It incorporates a vest, usually with shoulder straps, and metal bars within the cast that connect the vest to secure pins to a band around the skull. The halo is attached to the skull by pins.

Cervical Spine Bracing Options: Halo Ring, Crowns, or Vest

Halo Traction Halo traction is a way of keeping your head and neck still while you get better after an accident or operation to your neck bones. orthosis [or-tho´sis] (Gr.) an orthopedic appliance or apparatus used to support, align, prevent, or correct deformities or to improve function of movable parts of the body.

See also brace and splint. cervical orthosis a rigid plastic orthosis that encircles the neck and supports the chin and the back of the head; used in the treatment of injuries to.

Critical Care Trauma Centre

SAFER THAN A REFLECTIVE VEST – Created to save and protect lives, our Halo Belt with LED is an illuminated reflective belt that provides optimal visibility and safety for its user. Flaunt your fandom--eight different ways--with this ultra-versatile NFL 8-in-1 reversible vest and hoodie combo.

Wear them separately or combined, flipping the vest from a two-tone look in team colors to a subdued heather gray for when you venture into a more neutral zone.

Halo vest
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Halo vest orthosis | definition of halo vest orthosis by Medical dictionary