Herman hollerith

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Herman Hollerith

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Herman Hollerith

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The Computer from Pascal to von Neumann [Herman H. Goldstine] on redoakpta.com *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. InLt. Herman H. Goldstine, a former mathematics professor, was stationed at the Moore School of Electrical Engineering at the University of Pennsylvania.

It was there that he assisted in the creation of the ENIAC. Home > Computer Articles > History Of The Computer. Timeline Of Computer History. Computers are one of the most widely used devices in the modern world. It is a convenient and efficient means of communication, education, as well as entertainment.

Herman Hollerith, né le 29 février à Buffalo et mort le 17 novembre à Washington [1], est un ingénieur américain inventeur de la mécanographie. Herman Hollerith () was the inventor of the punched card tabulating machine-the precursor of the modern computer-and one of the founders of modern information processing.

Herman Hollerith is widely regarded as the father of modern automatic computation. He chose the punched card as the basis for storing and processing information and he built the first punched-card tabulating and sorting machines as well as the first key punch, and he founded the company that was to.

Herman hollerith
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