My favourite radio programme

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Desert Island Discs: my favourite radio programme

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Essay favorite tv programme radio

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My favourite TV programme(This is my English homework. Can you check it?)

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Desert island Discs came up in two conversations recently. Firstly, this is not surprising, since in my case I only have n things to talk about, where n is not a very large number.

(There is an attempt at humour here, though Jane will use this, if she sees this blog, against me, to explain. Free Essays on Favorite Radio Program. Get help with your writing.

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'Hi Mumbai' on Radio Mirchi with Jeeturaj. Trust me, He can transform happiness and enthusiasm altogether through Radio. Don’t forget to tune him every Monday to Saturday 7 am to 11 am only on MIRCHI you'll realize what separates an ordinary m. So my favourite radio station would have to broadcast 50% of modern music.

Excluding techno, metal and electronic music, because I don’t like these kinds of music. Classical music would get 10% of the broadcasting. 20% of the music would be similar to that of Pavol Hammel and hi style of music.

My favourite radio programme
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