Positive aspects cold war 1946 1991 describes positive asp

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Positive and Negative Effects of Cold War on Germany Essay Sample

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The Cold War? Positives and negatives?

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Code Of Hammurabi Essays (Examples)

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Jan 05,  · I have an interest in the history of the Cold War, so I thought I would start a topic on the subject with a provocative title. We all know about the bad side of the stand-off between the two superpowers, but there must have been positive aspects too.

Positive Effects Thanks For Your Attention Cold war This began after the success of their temporary wartime alliance against Nazi Germany, leaving the USSR and the US as two superpowers with profound economic and political differences.

War, Propaganda and the Media

Although the Cold War had many negative influences on global society, it also helped to create a stable political world, as evidenced by the fact that during the Cold War era, civil wars, nationalistic uprisings, and ethnic cleansings were almost non-existent.

Oct 29,  · The Cold War is a term used to describe the war that had never been directly fought between the U.S and the Soviet Union from the mid s to the early s.

Foreign relations of India

The traumatized Europe had become unprecedentedly weak due to. Jan 29,  · Best Answer: The Cold War began as World War II was ending. American leaders saw the power and ambitions of the Soviet Union as a threat to our national security. The Cold War was a war of words and ideologies rather than a shooting war, although at times the Cold War turned “hot” as in Korea and redoakpta.com: Resolved.

Maybe, it resulted in technological advances - eg computers, the space race and technology generally, which has had peacetime applications.

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Maybe it also gave the lie to the idea that Communism, no matter how ell intentioned, could ever have worked in practice and that individual freedom to function is the best way.

Positive aspects cold war 1946 1991 describes positive asp
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