Why is pakistan counted as underdeveloped

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Can Pakistan handle CPEC impact?

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Pakistan's military and intelligence services came under rare domestic criticism for being unable to detect and intercept a foreign military raid deep inside Pakistani territory, and for ostensible incompetence in detecting the presence there of the world's most-wanted terrorist.

In the country counted one hospital bed per 4, population and more than 27, people per primary health care facility. Pakistan's health indicators, the system remains severely underdeveloped.

The Pioneers () The Import and Sales of Automobiles by Foreign Trading Companies. The first automobile dealer in Japan was the Locomobile Company of America Agency, specializing in the import and sales of America’s Locomobile steam cars. Chapter 7 and 8. STUDY. PLAY. Physical Development and the Senses.

In other cultures, love may be a secondary consideration (Pakistan, India), although still relatively high on the list of important characteristics according to research.

the rate is at children per woman, which is less than replacement level. In some underdeveloped. Why is it impossible to buy bananas in Gabon, when they grow in profusion in the nation's virgin rainforest?

Can an underdeveloped country like Sao Tome and Principe learn from other nations' mistakes and avoid the "curse of oil"?

Why is pakistan counted as underdeveloped
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