Why marriages last or fail

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Divorce in the United States

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Why Marriages Last or Fail

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All marriages involve making decisions with incomplete information. Many of us don't know what we want and it is not surprising that a relationship for life breaks down at some point. The statistic that 50% of marriages end in divorce has been highly debated and disputed over the last few years, yet that number just keeps swirling around.

It often prolongs younger generations’ decision on when or whether to marry. If You Love Your Mate but Your Marriage Seems to Be Off Track, Then This Book Is for You Psychologist John Gottman has spent 20 years studying what makes a marriage last.

Now you can use his tested methods to evaluate, strengthen, and maintain your own long-term relationship. According to redoakpta.com, in the average lifespan for men is 77 years for men, 81 years for women.

Compared to an average life expectancy of 67 and 74 inwe are living quite a few years longer. Those extra years can be playing a role in the reason long-term marriages end in divorce.

Add to. Historically, Bermuda was once known as the honeymoon capital. Differences between North American and Bermuda application procedures For weddings in the USA, where most of those getting married in Bermuda come from, there is a requirement for various legal reasons to show social security numbers of both consenting parties.

Why marriages last or fail
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Why Marriages Last or Fail Essay